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ARSCI, your trusted partner in the world of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Why Choose ARSCI?

Based in Canada, ARSCI has a long history of developing the best solutions for the Reproductive Medicine (RM) and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) industry. Since 2006, our manufacturing techniques have been perfected and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has proven to have a global impact.

ARSCI was founded with the belief in providing products backed by years of specialized expertise and research – with the ultimate goal to ‘make life simple’.


With over a decade of experience, ARSCI brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Our journey began with a vision to transform the fertility industry by simplifying complex processes and providing effective solutions.

Global Reach

ARSCI is based in Canada, but our reach knows no bounds. Our products and services have found homes in clinics and laboratories across the world, enhancing the chances of success for countless families.


Quality is our mantra. We pride ourselves on producing products that meet the highest standards, helping healthcare professionals and hopeful parents achieve the best outcomes in ART and RM procedures.

Your Journey Starts Here

Your path to success begins with a single step.

With ARSCI by your side, you are not just a step closer; you are equipped with the ARSCI advantage, turning possibilities into realities.

Our Mission

At ARSCI, our mission is simple: to make life simple for those seeking to create life. We believe that the journey toward helping families should be filled with hope, possibilities, and support.

With this core belief at our foundation, we have dedicated years to researching and developing specialized expertise to deliver innovative solutions.

Make Life Simple

Cutting-Edge PRODUCTS

Explore ARSCI state-of-the-art devices designed to optimize every step of the ART and RM processes, from oocyte retrieval to embryo transfer.

Innovative Research

We continuously invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of the industry, ensuring access to the latest advancements.

World-Class Support

ARSCI team is dedicated to supporting you by providing expert guidance and ensuring seamless integration of our products into your practice.

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