Upcoming projects

Sep 15 2016

Upcoming projects

Dear fellow professionals,


I would like to first express my profound gratitude for the patience that you have been giving us for the past 10 years. Your devoted support has always been our prime motivation for constant innovation from our team at ARSCI in improving our products to meet your expectations. These 10 years have been significant to ARSCI and like any other start-ups we learn and advance through your feedback and experience.


Our promise to make your life simple still stands. We aim to provide you with the best quality one stop shopping for all your IVF devices. For the upcoming years our team at ARSCI is committed to launch a new line of products: culture media and solutions. As a professional myself, I understand the difficulty and frustration we encounter when a product does not fulfill its purpose smoothly. I am dedicated in solving your problem as well as mine. Because, after all, making new life is supposed to be a natural, simple process.


ARSCI team would be very honored to assist in your next achievements of your career. Let us be the wings to your success.

“Make life simple”


Sincerely yours,


Dr. Ri-Cheng Chian


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